Three Ways to Find Commercial Insurance Quotes

With the current economic situation still unbalanced, and the end of a calendar year quickly approaching, many small and large businesses are beginning to think of ways to cut costs in 2010. Traditionally one of the most expensive costs for any operation is in the area of commercial liability insurance for protection against fire, theft and employee injury. The good news is there are more companies than ever offering this kind of insurance, which means prices overall are down, and finding commercial insurance quotes is easier than ever.

The most popular, and probably the easiest, way to begin your search for a new insurance quote is to look online at various insurance web sites and advertisements. Because of how easy it is to answer a few questions and receive a quote back from a company, there is no reason to be able to get at least five cost estimates in an afternoon. As you surf around the net you will probably see many insurance companies you haven’t heard of before, and yes, some of these are very small companies. But since it IS your policy you are more than welcome to only request quotes from the largest agencies.

Another good place to gain commercial insurance quotes is from a local commercial insurance broker based in your town or neighborhood. Because these agents tend to represent hundreds if not thousands of small to medium sized businesses, they can usually push large companies for lower rates across the board. Make you speak with several brokers and ask which insurance companies they represent. In speaking with business owners it is usually recommended to contact at least three or more independent brokers.

Finally a great way to collect insurance information and consider a new company is through recommendations from colleagues and friends. At a local chamber meeting or other business networking event you can probably mention your need and get several names thrown at you. Don’t be surprised if you also get a few calls from insurance agents who were given your name and phone number.

The biggest key to getting competitive quotes for commercial insurance is as simple as asking. By spending time online, with independent commercial insurance brokers, and networking in your area, you will get plenty of information and estimates. Spend time going through each and you will more than likely be able to lower you business overhead in 2010.

What You Need to Know About Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is a type of insurance used for a business. If you are planning to put up your own business, then keep in mind that it is a very important investment that you should make. Take note that you can use it as a protection for your business when there is potential loss.

One of the best things about commercial insurance is that it protects you from theft and property damage. You may be guided when it comes to liability too. It also plays an important role in offering coverage for business interruption and for your employees who get injuries. Keep in mind that when you are operating a business without the presence of insurance, it only means that your enterprise is indeed at risk. You could lose your money and property from it when unfortunate events happen.

Looking for insurance such as agricultural insurance is just so simple. It is just like you are going to find a reliable agent who specializes it. You just have to make an interview with some different agents. Of course, it is important for you to choose one that is equipped with licensed. See to it too that he is knowledgeable so you will feel comfortable with his services. The agent must have the ability to discuss and explain things with regards to, of course, commercial insurance. There is a need for you to know more about business property insurance too.

Another way of looking for insurance agents is to use the internet. Just search it online and it is no longer impossible for you to find one. Also, you could know more about them through local business networking organizations. Business contacts may also help you to give agent referrals too.

Some insurance help you a lot if it really is needed to your business. Some people get insurance such as fleet car insurance, which is not even important for them. That is why it is very much necessary for you to be aware of what insurance is needed or not. It is wise to read and learn about the different types of insurance even if you do not need all of them. It is not impossible for you to see that you have to change your insurance as you run your business. Basic information helps a lot for you to have an idea if there is something you need to replace or not.

Understanding Commercial Insurance for Ride Sharing Drivers and Companies

It seems like everyone loves to ride share these days — except the traditional cab companies, of course. Whether you’re the one using an App to request a ride to your destination, you’re the driver making some extra cash by participating, or the huge companies who are at the forefront of the movement, many different people are involved and taking part.

One of the biggest issues at hand here though is commercial insurance for these drivers and their vehicles. Does a driver need to purchase his or her own commercial policy? Does the company need to provide him or her with that? Do personal auto policies apply? Do the same regulations which are in place for taxi cabs apply?

This has been difficult for just about everyone to figure out. That includes lawmakers and legislators, the general public, the traditional taxi cab companies, the ride-sharing companies themselves, and the people offering their rides to be shared.

Clearly, a personal auto policy doesn’t seem to be an appropriate fit here. But does a full commercial insurance policy make sense? Do the extra costs of that make it worthwhile to be offering ride sharing to begin with? What is the responsibility of the ride sharing company for whom you’re working?

Not all of these questions have been solved as of this time. This will continue to be a hot topic of discussion, debate, and even legal entanglement, likely for years.

However, one important development here is that the state of California has a new bill in place that ride-sharing drivers must carry commercial insurance of $50,000 per injury in an accident, up to $100,000 total, and up to $30,000 in property damage coverage. This coverage applies when they are en route to pick up a passenger, which means it kicks in when the driver has received a request and is currently in transit to pick up that passenger.

When the passenger is being driven in the company, some companies, such as Uber, provide additional coverage. Uber currently provides $1 million of liability coverage per incident, $1 million of uninsured motorist coverage, and $50,000 of comprehensive and collision, and $50,000/$100,000/$25,000 of contingent coverage.

This is only one of the very first dominoes which will be falling in this industry though. It’s crucial that you stay informed with the latest news, trends and developments if you’re a ride sharing driver, thinking about becoming one, or are otherwise involved with a ride sharing company. For any questions, get in touch with an insurance company or broker who is familiar with commercial vehicle insurance, the emergence of ride-sharing companies, and the regulations in place in your local area.