The Role of a Good Commercial Insurance Agent

A good commercial insurance agent over time can become a valued business adviser. Once you have made the decision to purchase coverage from one or more commercial insurance companies, a good insurance agent will not then simply disappear only to send you cards on your birthday or at Christmas time. He or she will be in frequent contact with you, checking on the health of your business, any new major equipment purchases you may have made, real estate purchases or facility additions or construction projects you are pursuing.

With the passage of time and his or her growing familiarity with your business and individual issues and concerns, he or she will come to understand your insurance needs thoroughly and even anticipate them before you do.

Furthermore, in order to keep you as a good customer, he or she will always be on the lookout for ways to save you money on the cost of your commercial insurance. As his or her company issues and offers new business insurance “products,” he or she will keep you informed of these developments and how they may pertain to you and may offer you a better “deal” or better coverage, or even both. A good commercial insurance agent will always be inquisitive, full of penetrating questions about your business, not because he or she is “nosy,” but because it’s part of their job of serving you well and insuring you get “the best and the most” his or her company has to offer.

A good commercial insurance agent will also go beyond the confines of his or her own company’s offerings and stay abreast of insurance industry developments as a whole. He or she will be an expert as well on the coverages, policies and premiums of competitors and know exactly where his or her own company’s offerings fit in in the larger scheme of the commercial insurance industry. He or she will attend regular continuing education courses and seminars to stay up to date on industry and economic trends in the larger economy as a whole. As a result of all of this continuous education and information acquisition, a good commercial insurance agent can be a tremendous resource or “brain trust,” for his clients, one to consult with frequently and as particular needs arise.

Clearly, the relationship between a business owner and a good business insurance agent can be critical to a business’s survival and growth, and should be cultivated, not just by the agent, but also by the business owner as well. There are two sides to every vital and healthy relationship, and this case is no different. The smart business owner will value the input of a good commercial insurance agent and actively seek him or her out, with appreciation, for what he or she can contribute to what they both value highly: the health of the business upon which both of them obviously depend.